Chloe Morello - Beauty Vlogger (based in Sydney)

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Where would I be without Make Up Store!

When I discovered the brand in 2005 because my mother won their 'chocolate pack' in a contest, which contained 3 microshadows, an eye pencil and a lipstick. So with that I sampled my first quality makeup product - at age 14 - and Since then, my collection has grown and grown and it's a brand I just could not live without!

The product and colour range is so vast, with the quality of products the best in the industry. Whenever a new collection comes out I’m first through the door at the Broadway and Paddington sites! I use my studio cream foundations whenever I need a flawless skin look, and cannot go past a beautiful Creme lipstick (my favourite is redwood) and the high tech lighters are a must have for those like me that adore a glowing highlight!

Favourite Products
High tech lighter in Full Moon & Venus
Lipstick: Redwood, Bittersweet, Redilicious, 406 Slim Lipstick
Microshadow Masai and Xoacatl
Studio Foundations Choco, Toffee & Camel 
Glitter Liner Chocolux
Wonder Powder Gobi
Lipliner Nude Beauty and Fairytale Dream 
Eyelashes Miss

Charmaine Ertas
Charmaine Ertas