Humans have certain needs and to look good is one of them. We all want to look good and beautiful so we can make an impression on the outer world however it should be kept in mind that all beauty comes from within. If you believe you are beautiful then no one can make you believe otherwise. All women are naturally blessed with beauty however some who have a passion for glamour and fashion tend to enhance their beauty with the use of makeup and make up accessories. Performing make up isn’t as easy as most men think. It is actually an art. You have to turn into an artist in order to get the perfect makeup. One wrong step and you might make yourself look bad instead of looking glamorously elegant. We are here to guide you so that you never have to take that wrong step. Let’s take a look at some of the best tips that can help in improving your make up.

Avoid Using Excessive Makeup

One of the best ways to have a perfect makeup done on your body is to use less of it. We as a human race have become so indulged in using makeup to enhance beauty that we sometimes don’t even realize that using excessive amount of makeup can not only make you look bad but it can also damage your skin.

Always Wash Your Makeup Brushes

There are certain tools and equipments that are used by us in our daily lives like toothbrushes, spoons and many other similar items. After we use these things we carefully clean them so that they become hygienic and clean for future use. The same way make up brushes need to be cleaned for future use. It is of paramount importance to clean your brushes in an appropriate and gentle way so that the fibers on the brush aren’t damaged. Damaged brushes can create problems for you once you start using them while applying makeup. Always use a clean and properly shaped brush.

Find The Best Brand For You

Sometimes there is nothing wrong with the way you do your makeup. The fault lies with the makeup brand that you prefer. You brand preference shouldn’t be based on the popularity of the brand instead it should be based on the effects certain brands have on your skin.  You might see two people using similar brand and similar techniques but in the end one of them looks good while the other looks like she overdid herself.  This is because of the fact that each and every person’s skin is different. So if you want to improve you make up try to find the brand that works best with your skin.


Always roll your lipstick down once it is used. Avoid using out of shape lipsticks as it would be very hard for you to apply perfect makeup with a weirdly shaped lipstick. It should be kept in mind that your teeth should never come in contact with your lipstick. Lipstick stains on teeth give out a very bad and unprofessional impression.

Always Use The Mirror

You might be performing makeup on yourself since you were a young girl and you might be very good at it as well however it is not wrong to apply your make up while standing infront of the mirror. Whether its lipstick or blush on, try to do it infront of the mirror so you don’t miss a beat. Try using a large dressing table mirror to see if different aspects of your make up match each other or not.

Use The Right Techniques

Having exceptional makeup products isn’t enough, you should know how to use them. Following proper steps and techniques can help you do make up in an exceptionally better way. For example for face makeup, you should strictly follow these steps: Cleanser –Serum – Moisturizer –Primer – Foundation – Concealer – Powder – Bronzer – Blush and lastly highlighter.  Similar steps can be followed for other types of makeup. Deviating from the appropriate course of makeup can cost you heavily with bad looks and damaged skin.

These are some of the ways you can use in order to improve your make up however there are many other ways by which you can enhance your make up. You should always use clean and hygienic products. Never back down from experimenting to get a perfect look but once you find you perfect look, stick to it as extensive experiments can also damage your skin. Just follow the above mentioned tips and you would be able to get that perfect makeup you have always wished for. Stay Beautiful!